Innovation Portfolio Management

Opportunity Pharma is the only innovation portfolio management business offering curated and objective comparisons of new drug investment opportunities for global life science investors, pharma companies and researchers.

The Next Generation of Systematic Drug Identification and Prioritisation

We underpin key investment decisions, when reliable data is in short supply, yet analysis time has to be limited because big decisions need to be made rapidly.


Unlocking Opportunities

We transform the delivery of new investable opportunities to match the output of the world’s most innovative medical research organisations with the life science investment community.


Using the Power of AI

Opportunity Pharma’s proprietary AI orchestrates tasks on behalf of the user without intervention, such as gathering information, normalisation, and machine learning; holds significant data on diseases, biological targets and drugs, and drives tasks to satisfy pre-defined project goals.


Transforming Investment Decisions

Investors require a constant supply of de-risked and investable drug discovery opportunities before committing significant funds to pre-clinical and clinical development. Our AI constantly evaluates thousands of opportunities for hundreds of diseases to facilitate better and less emotive decisions.

90+ Years of Combined Experience

Opportunity Pharma is an early-stage company built on proprietary AI developed specifically for the rigorous analysis and interrogation of medical and scientific data. Life science investments are notoriously subjective. We offer rigorous and curated comparisons to enable faster and better decision-making.

The business is led by three seasoned entrepreneurs committed to providing curated and objective innovation management to the life science community globally.

David Leahy
David possesses lifelong innovation experience in new medicine discovery. David founded and built a world-leading contract research business supplying rigorous and objective evaluations of new medicines to the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies.
Paul Clewlow
With deep-rooted business growth and commercial experience in the global medicine innovation economy, Paul led the growth of a contract research business delivering high-quality research support to global businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to world leaders.
Ben Sullivan

Ben has extensive business growth and commercial experience in the global technology and creative economies which spans the last 20 years. He has delivered growth strategies in Australasia, Europe, North America, the Middle East and other leading international teams providing SaaS solutions.


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